Motorola Solutions : 2024 Review

Motorola Solutions is solving for safer

Every day we come to work to solve for safer communities, safer schools, safer hospitals, safer stadiums… safer everywhere.

Safety is the prerequisite for possibility

At Motorola Solutions, we build and connect safety and security technologies in our never-ending pursuit to help keep people safer everywhere. Because we’re all at our best when we feel safe.

public safety agencies and enterprises for a proactive approach to safety and security.

Critical Communications

We make devices and networks that perform exceptionally in the harshest conditions, so you can stay connected and communicate clearl

Command Center

We unify voice, video and data feeds into the command center, providing perspective to help make decisions with focus, accuracy and speed.

Video Security

We design video security systems powered by responsibly-built AI analytics, so you can understand risks and act with certainty.

Nearly 100 years in safety and security

People say a lot of things are impossible. That it can’t be done. But then…we do it. We work together and turn what-if…into what is.

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